Not just a dog walker

In a world that sometimes underestimates the significance of a dog walker’s role, I find profound purpose in what I do. While on the surface, I may be perceived as “just” a dog walker, the truth is, my job goes far beyond the simple act of walking your dogs. 

Beyond the physical exercise, my role involves observation and care. I notice subtle changes in behaviour, detect signs of joy, or perhaps moments of unease. As a dog walker, I become attuned to their needs, ensuring that each walk is not just a routine but a tailored experience. 

Being a dog walker is often perceived as a glamorous gig – strolling through the countryside, surrounded by a group of happy dogs. While this brings me HUGE joy, the reality is there’s much more that goes on behind the scenes. 

Recently I’ve seen & heard a lot of about the assumptions surrounding a dog walkers salary, Yes, the sight of a dog walker with a group of dogs might spark assumptions of their finances, but the truth lies in the web of outgoing costs. Van maintenance, the routine expenses, (MOTS & Servicing) and the unexpected ones like breakdowns or flat tires can quickly add up. Insurance, both for the vehicle and the business, is a non-negotiable investment. Factor in the costs of treats, poo bags, towels, and the time-consuming task of washing those towels, cleaning our vehicle, cleaning materials and you get a glimpse into the financial intricacies of the job, not the mention in the world of dog walking there is always more to learn, so keeping up with CPD courses, including Canine First Aid is another non-negotiable. 

But being a dog walker isn’t just about walking dogs. It’s about donning multiple hats, including that of a sometimes a personal assistant. From bringing in your bins on bin day to accepting parcels for you from the delivery man, the responsibilities extend beyond the physical act of walking the dogs!. I become an agony aunt, a soundboard for thoughts and concerns – a support system for both the dogs and their human companions.

The job is not just about walking; it’s about being a reliable and adaptable person in the lives of those that are my wonderful, loyal clients. So, next time you see a dog walker with a group of dogs, remember that behind the scenes, there’s a dedicated individual managing a business, a confidant to both dogs and humans. 


Team Captain