Five foods to keep out of paws reach this Christmas


Christmas is almost upon us, so I thought I’d do a quick list of foods to keep out of reach this festive season! There are of course many hazards around us at this time of year for our dogs, so this list isn’t extensive.


Did you know the number of calls to vets about dogs that have eaten chocolate are at their highest in December? Chocolate is highly toxic to dogs so contact your vet immediately if you think your dog has manage to get his paws on some.

            Advent Calendars

            Chocolates on the tree

            Chocolate gifts wrapped of place under the tree

Empty chocolate wrappers, although wrappers are poisonous empty wrappers can cause blockages inside the stomach and/or the intestines.


Raisins, sultanas, grapes, and currents are all know to be toxic in dogs, there is some research that suggests these fruits are even more toxic dried than in their fresh forms! Treats this Christmas to keep out of reach.


            Christmas Fruit Cake

            Chocolate covered raisins

            Mince Pies


A lot of festive foods which we as adults indulge in over Christmas are very fatty and rich (delicious right?) but these foods can have a serious effect on our precious pooches, it can course a nasty bought of sickness and diarrhea. Larger, high fat overindulgence can course pancreatitis which is extremely painful and costly to treat.

            Leftover Turkey

            Juices and fats leftover from cooking

            Goose fat roast potatoes


Dogs are believed to be more sensitive to alcohol than humans, even a small amount can have an adverse effect. Some festive drinks are more appealing to our dogs than others for instance, anything with cream or egg. Dogs may show similar symptoms to humans, drowsiness, wobbly on their feet, in severe cases it can lower the body temperature and blood sugar levels which could result in seizures and/or they could fall into a coma.

Keep the booze well out of the way this Christmas!


All of these belong to the Allium family and can be found in most Christmas Stuffings, these plants contain a substance that damage the red blood cells in our dog’s body causing anemia.

Keep your dogs away from the stuffing and any onion-based gravies!

If you’re worried your dog has got their paws on any of the above, always contact your vet immediately!