A muzzled dog is still a good dog


Muzzles are useful preventative tools to keep dogs from engaging in dangerous behavior with their mouths — and that doesn’t mean just biting!

Muzzles can be especially helpful for dogs who like to eat non-food items – That means your pup could eat something potentially toxic or dangerous such as a dead animal.

Muzzles are also a top choice for owners whose furry friends have an even less desirable habit: eating the droppings of other animals. So, next time you see a dog out and about wearing a muzzle, consider this: he may not be aggressive, he may just eat poo! 💩

If your dog is seriously injured, the risk of a dog bite jumps significantly. While in severe pain, dogs can bite when you try to transport them or treat their wounds. And there’s no way to predict when such a situation might arise. Therefore, even if you never have to rely on a dog muzzle, it’s a good idea to understand why, when, and how you should use a muzzle on your dog.

So all in all we believe every dog should be muzzle trained from an early age as you don’t know what situation may come around where you may need one! 💚

Belle, pictured, wears a muzzle as she can be reactive to other dogs who don’t have any recall and come bounding over to her while she’s on lead so to keep everyone safe she is a very happy muzzled dog! 👏🏻

Photo credit- @belvedere_walker_blake_
Tee – Emily @ FMDW
Design – Katie & Co