Natural Dog Treats

Treat Bags

Spooky Season is upon us.

Trick or treaters door knocking, folk in fancy dress and fireworks going off – it can be a stressful time for our dogs.  What better way to help keep my dog walking team occupied this spooky season than Gruesome Goody bags stuffed with all natural ‘delights.’

All made with my own fair hands!

 Ok, it was a team effort here at HQ. Handling the stinky treats fell to me. The only individual who wouldn’t start complaining they felt sick or try and scoff them all.  Mr FMDW put his amazing drawing skills to good use and my dog Belle took up the role of taste tester with much gusto. She was a lot more enthusiastic than MR FMDW when I told him how we’d be spending our Saturday night!

Now it might sound like the perfect way to play a nasty trick on my clients – who wouldn’t want to be gifted a bag of chicken feet, puffed pig snout & tripe?  But when dogs chew feel good chemicals are released. Providing them with a safe, long lasting chew or treat will help them decompress if they become anxious therefore helping them relax at home.

We might think natural treats are smelly and a bit gross but they’re in fact –

  • High Protein
  • Healthy & Low Fat
  • Grain Free
  • Free from Additives & Preservatives
  • Super Tasty

If you really want to give yourself a fright this Halloween google how rawhide treats are made or read the ingredients list of the back of a packet of supermarket treats..

All Natural Dog Treats

The contents of our Gruesome Goody Bags were supplied by Dog-A-Licious, based here in Knaresborough.  They offer free local delivery and often have fantastic deals on.

If you’re in Harrogate, Posh Paws have a brilliant Pick N Mix selection with everything from deer legs to rolled rabbit skin complete with fur.