Top 5 Tips for Dog Walking in lockdown

winter walk

Lockdown 2.0 is here thanks to COVID19. If ever there were a time for getting out exploring and finding some new dog walks its now.

Here are our top tips for dog walking in the countryside and finding new routes..

  • Take extra poo bags with you – you can use them to avoid touching gates and stiles directly and just turn them inside out and bin them.

And remember to pick up even in low traffic areas. If its “off the path” or “in the long grass” it still needs picking up.  Parasites in dog poo can have horrible consequences if ingested by cows and cause cows that are in calf to abort their young.

Infected dog does their business in the grass – owner fails to bag it – cow eats the grass & becomes infected – cow aborts their young or has live calf passing on infection – BAG IT BIN IT NO EXCUSES !

  • Download OS Maps on your phone – its my favourite app even more so than Facebook & Insta!

Knaresborough and Harrogate are surrounded by miles of footpaths and bridleways.  OS Maps not only shows you all the routes but GPS on your phone will give you a little red arrow showing where you are meaning you can’t really get (too) lost!  Just remember to stick to the public right of way routes so you don’t encounter an angry farmer.

  • Keep your dog on a lead around livestock and if you’re exploring somewhere new.

If you want to give your dog a little more freedom use a long training line attached to a harness. Biothane ones are great – they’re waterproof so it doesn’t matter if they get dragged through the mud.

Note – a training a line is essentially a really long lead – not the same as a flexi lead I’m really not a fan of them!

  • Buy a “Dicky Bag” to stash you full poo bags.

You won’t find any red poo bins in the countryside and you wouldn’t want to be lifting the handle on them anyway.

  • Wear the right footwear.

Decent gortex walking boots or good pair of wellies are essential for winter dog walking here in Yorkshire. I like neoprene lined wellies for keeping my feet toasty and dry. Because is there anything worse than soggy feet when you’re still a couple of miles from home?

Happy Exploring & Stay Safe!

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