daisy group

Team FMDW draft promising young pup!

Its been a big week at FMDW seeing Little Miss D (Daisy) the GWP join the main roster.

Little Miss D practising ‘settle’

Daisy showed real promise early on mastering the fundamentals during her puppy visits – quickly learning to settle on her mat, use her brain and nose to figure out enrichment games and take having her harness and lead clipped on and off in her stride.

Miss D soon progressed to mini walks and started training with some of our elite players.  She stepped up and didn’t let the pressure of being in the company of some of Knaresborough’s Canine All Stars get to her.

Off the court Daisy’s incredibly committed management team (her Mum & Dad) were clearly putting in considerable effort moulding and guiding their young rising star, practising her training drills at home and chauffeuring her to weekly training camp with one of the areas most well regarded professionals.

Joining the starting line up this week Daisy has quickly built a great rapport with her team mates and her enthusiasm has inspired many jump shots and fast breaks (also referred to as zoomies)!

Only time will tell if Little Miss D will reach the FMDW Hall of Fame but if her current scoring sheet is anything to go by she may well make the grade!

A Slam Dunk