Summer CPD

As a professional dog walker keeping up to date with modern dog training methods is important. There are loads of resources available – books and studies to read and workshops and courses.  Covid19 has put a halt to the latter but I have been able to complete some online learning this year.

I really enjoyed the Sally Gutteridge online program “Inspiring Resilience in Fearful & Reactive Dogs“.  A great follow up to her book with the same title. Helping dogs that can be fearful and reactive is a subject close to my heart because of my own personal experience rehoming my current dog.

I’ve recently been able to put my experience to good use providing more solo dog walks. Working with dogs that would not benefit from joining our group dog walks. One to one walks mean the environment can be more carefully managed. As a result, this sets the dog up for a successful and stress free walk. Therefore, vital for reactive or easily over stimulated dogs.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get booked on some more canine courses soon and add to those I’ve already done –

  • Canine Body Language – Dog Training College
  • Self Control in Dogs with Sian Ryan – Developing Dogs
  • Communication, Arousal & Problematic Behaviours – Craig Ogilvie Dog Training
  • Interactive Play Workshop – Craig Ogilvie Dog Training
  • Wolf Awareness – Canine Principles (online)
  • Canine First Aid & CPR (general & advanced levels) – Rachel Bean RVN