Pop the Pawsecco!


Its been pawty time at FMDW HQ this month…

Dog Friendly Cake

The start of June we had our biz birthday – 9 years! We celebrated 9 years of walkies, puppy cuddles and muddy fun with fizz (for me) and cake and goodie bags for the dogs. Our custom made cake in our team colours from The Pupcakes Dog Bakery was a hit with all the dogs! http://www.thepupcakedogbakery.co.uk

The Dudes Society
from left Rupert, Teeny & Hugo

The pawty continued when we welcomed newbie Rupert, the cavalier king charles spaniel to the team AND welcomed back FMDW legends Hugo and Teeny to walkies. The three lads have become thick as thieves and together have formed “The Dudes Society”. Membership rules are a bit hush hush but from what I can work out to join you need four legs, to be super cute, a little bit sassy and to be able to persuade treats from your coach with complete ease just by giving her the eye.

Not only that but this month saw Teeny (AKA T’Man) earn his 4 years on Team FMDW badge. It honestly doesn’t seem that long but I guess time flies when you’re having fun!

Flying T’Man