Winter Care Tips

belle snow

The snow has arrived (again), so here are a few things to be aware of to help keep your dogs safe during the winter months.

I’ll start with probably the most important thing you need to know to keep your dogs safe when its cold!

ANTIFREEZE (ethylene glycol) is Highly Toxic. If ingested by your dog you should contact your vet as an EMERGENCY.

Symptoms of ethylene glycol poisoning are –

  • vomiting
  • drinking more than usual
  • twitchy muscles or eyes
  • lethargy
  • unsteadiness
  • seizure
  • panting
  • collapse

Antifreeze naturally tastes sweet which is why dogs are tempted to drink any driveway/carpark spillages. Or they may ingest it by cleaning (licking) their paws after a walk where they have had contact with products on the ground. You can buy antifreeze with a bittering agent but should also take the following precautions –

  • Keep any products out of reach and handle carefully therefore avoiding spillages
  • Avoid using de-icer where possible and clear your windscreen the old fashioned way
  • Avoid walking your dog over areas where grit salt has been laid

And most importantly –

  • Check and rinse paws after walks

More Potential Dangers (and ways to keep your dog safe)

FROZEN or FAST FLOWING WATERS – Keep your dog away from frozen ponds and lakes and likewise rivers that are running high and fast. No matter how much of a strong swimmer you think your dog is, keep them on a lead. There are stories every year about dogs getting washed away, its not worth the risk.

ICE BALLS – Remove compacted ice from fur and between the toes. They can be painful if left.

KEEP DOGS WARM – Older dogs, dogs in poor health or those with thin coats will feel the cold. Invest in a coat or dog suit. I like the suits and jumpers from Equafleece (as modelled by my dog Belle in the photo above)!

BE VISIBLE – Get a Disco/Glow collar or a light and make sure your dog has an ID tag with up to date info.


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