Five Fun Years


Happy Gotcha Day to our very own Team Captain Belvedere!

We’re celebrating five years since we re homed our weimaraner Belle! Belle joined our family when she was just ten months old. Basically an over grown, excitable puppy!

Belle is very, VERY food motivated and a quick learner so reward based, positive reinforcement training works really well for her. Belle missed out on any proper puppy socialisation, so as a result can be nervous and reactive. We’ve put a lot of work in to helping her overcome her fears. We continue to put in a lot of work to help her grow in confidence.

I think this is why I take the responsibility for doing puppy care so seriously. Its not just sitting around having cuddles. Its making sure those first few vital months are packed full of short, sweet, positive experiences.

Although Belle spends most of her time keeping Mr FMDW company while hes at his laptop, the responsibility of being a dog walkers dog is something she takes extremely seriously. 

“If its not good enough for me its not good enough for the team”.

My Motto – Belvedere Walker-Blake (FMDW Team Captain)

Belles two main duties are quality control for all treats and recces for all new walks.  The QC role is the one she enjoys the most!

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