FMDW – currently on paws


On Monday 23rd March I hung up my leads and (temporarily) closed FMDW in order to do our bit to STAY HOME – PROTECT THE NHS – SAVE LIVES.

While I’ve been lucky enough to be able to stay at home (and have Mr FMDW and my own dog Belle for company) I have been writing to a few dog loving folk who are currently unable to see their loved ones. My letters have gone out to one of our very own dog grandmas, a few of her pals and our local care home.

From left Tilly, Rufus, Mollie, Millie, Purdey & Maisie

Along with sharing a little about our adventures and of course including some of our epic team photos the letters are a bit of a ‘Meet the Team’ so I thought I’d share those bits on here too…

Sisters Isla and Purdey are both Hungarian Vizslas (viz – la).  Isla is one of our older members – she will be ten next month.  She is a right little madam – her nickname is Queen Bee! Purdey is her little sister.  She is a long haired vizsla and has a really beautiful, feathery coat.  Purdey looks all sweet and innocent but she actually loves to hunt and will try and catch little critters and proudly bring them to show me if I don’t keep a really close eye on her.

From left Isla, Frank, Rosie, Millie, Rufus, Purdey

Isla and Purdey like to keep me on my toes!

Rufus the cockapoo usually walks with the vizsla girls.  He is a lot smaller than his friends but does a brilliant job of keeping up with them, in fact he doesn’t usually want our outings to end.  When we’re heading home he always races down to the river for one last dip before its time to put leads back on.  When Rufus wags his tail his whole bottom wags – hes a real wriggle butt!

Our team ‘mud magnet’ is Rosie the springer spaniel.  Rosie can find muddy puddles to dive in no matter where we walk or what the weather. Rosie also only has one speed which is top speed.  From start to finish of our walks she runs not stop round and round and round – some days she makes me dizzy!

Millie the cocker spaniel is our little pocket rocket.  Of all the dogs I walk I think she loves going out with her pals the most – she is a real giddy kipper and just loves life! 

From left Nelly, Millie, Rufus, Rosie, Isla & Purdey

At the opposite end of the scale is Nelly who is lazy as anything.  She tootles along on our walks and never walks a step further than she needs to.  She does however LOVE riding in the van.  She always dives in and stretches out for a snooze Zzzzzzz. 

Daisy is our newest dog.  She joined us last year as a small pup and has gone from puppy visits, to mini walks before recently graduating to the big group walks.  Daisy is a German Wire Haired Pointer (GWP) which is not a breed you see very often.  Daisy is super clever and absolutely stunning – she has brains and beauty!

From left Tilly, Teeny, Mollie & Hugo (on log)
Daisy & Maisie (below)

The dog I have looked after the longest is Tilly and I’ve walked her for over eight years.  Tilly is like the dulux dog from the adverts – shes an Old English Sheep Dog.  She loves to dive in deep puddles and get soaked! 

Tilly is the sweetest dog you could ever meet and always looks after the youngsters and plays so nicely with them.

Brothers Hugo (the cockapoo) and Teeny (the teckel) are the silliest little double act on the planet.  EVERY single day when I go to collect them for their walk, they go bananas and make A LOT of noise. They act like they haven’t seen me for months and if one of their humans is home there is even more of a carry on! 

Hugo and Teeny are usually really, really good boys out on their walks and they love making new friends BUT every now and then, usually when I really need them to be on their best behaviour, they forget everything they’ve ever been taught, go a bit deaf and act like complete and utter plonkers. 

The thing with Hugo and Teeny is, I can never stay cross with them for very long because they are so blummin’ cute!

Hugo and Teeny are best friends with sisters Mollie and Maisie (Mollie and Teeny are actually sweethearts).

Mollie and Maisie are so different for sisters.  Mollie is the smaller one – she is a cavapoo.  Mollie is our little princess and is a bit of a diva.  She LOVES rolling in anything smelly she can find but when it comes to being washed down, she is never happy!

Maisie is another cockapoo.  She is the sweetest girl and has the longest eyelashes you have ever seen (they’re amazing), but she is not the brightest member of our team.  Her Mum always says she was front of the queue for looks back of the line for brains!  We love her just the way she is though!

From left Teeny, Frank, Maisie, Mollie, Tilly, Hugo

Little Frank the border terrier is pals with the brothers and sisters.  He is fairly new to the team and only joined us last year.  Frank is only tiny but always makes his presence felt on our walks.  Frank loves nothing more than a game of chase and is always trying to persuade the others to play with him.  He is pretty speedy considering he only has little legs!

Team Captain Belle

And then we have our Team Captain Belle.  I don’t want to say I’ve saved the best ‘til last but she is pretty special!  Belle is a Weimaraner (vy-me-rah-ner). We spend our weekends exploring so I can find new places I can take the dogs to.  Along with doing recces for new walks Belle is also responsible for ‘quality control’ for all treats – she takes that particular responsibility very seriously!