Fame at Last!

fame at last

Last month I was very flattered to be asked to take part in a Q&A for The Petpreneur Network.

The Petpreneur Network is an online community, resource centre and support network for those already in or looking to set up their own business within The Pet Industry. Founder Rachel built her own very successful dog walking and pet care business from scratch so completely understands the struggles that can come with the job.  Rachel now focusses full time on helping others build their own businesses without feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Each month site members have access to interviews with established pet professionals and can read the story of how they turned their dream (in my case, the dream of becoming a full time, professional dog walker) into a reality.  We talked about my journey to becoming established in the dog walking field, how I’ve maintained a stable little dog walking business over the years – nine years next month(!) and also talked about the highs and lows and I shared a few tricks of the trade.

“Jo says the secret to achieving those impressive group shots are the posing pate and practise!”

If you’ve landed on my dog walking website because you are considering a change of career and you are doing some research then I’d recommend you take a look at The Petpreneur Network (http://www.thepetpreneurnetwork.com).  You’ll find advice on advertising, using social media, finance, customer service and loads more.  There are templates and organisational tools and you can also sign up for one to one mentoring sessions giving you access to your own personal pet business guru in Rachel.  I honestly wish I’d have had a Rachel when I first started dog walking!