Clare Bothamley

Jo came to my rescue over a year ago when I was unable to walk my very energetic young dog due to a back injury and she had been helping me out ever since! Saffie, my Red Fox Labrador, is very energetic and needs a lot of exercise. She also needs someone who can be firm with her and she is still a youngster and also extremely bold – nothing frightens her! 

Jo certainly knows how to handle her . She takes her out with other dogs that she can have a good run with and always comes home tired out. Jo always cleans her up if she needs it (she does like to roll in smelly things) and dries her off if she has had a swim. She settles her in her bed when she’s brings her home and gives her a little treat as she leaves. Saffie loves her and I am sure she knows when it is her day to go out with her. 

I would recommend Jo to anybody who is looking for someone who is reliable and friendly and loves dogs! I know Saffie is always in safe hands when she is with Jo.