Claire, Steve & Gilbert

Jo is brilliant with Gilbert, who as a one year old vizsla can be a handful at the best of times. When Jo met Gilbert in our home for the first time you could tell how experienced she was with dogs, as Gilbert, who is usually over zealous with visitors to our home, was totally calm and responsive. This gave us an enormous amount of confidence that Jo was the right dog walker for us. 

Jo has been great at offering us flexibility, as often I need to drop everything and get to work, and she has always been happy to fit Gilbert in for a last minute walk. She has also been ever so helpful in passing on her knowledge and experience of dog training and control. Gilbert is always cleaned and dried at the end of his walks with Jo, and she has even been happy to clean up a few puppy accidents when he was young. She has also been willing and understanding of the routine Gilbert and I go through before, during and after walks, making Gilbert’s walks with Jo a smooth process, and for one very happy and well exercised vizsla.