COVID Update

Tally M&M

New Recruits provide much needed boost to team morale…

So we’re back open and trying to adjust to our new, smaller team. I’m so happy and grateful to be able to safely return to work. Being reunited with some of my dogs has been amazing because lock down is the longest we’ve ever been apart! All that said, getting back to it has been a bit up and down (if I’m being honest) and I’ve felt a bit out of sorts in our new routine.

Now as everyone knows, if there is one thing that is tried and tested, guaranteed to cure all that ails and deliver the ultimate PICK ME UP it has got to be a generous portion of good, old fashioned Doodle Soup

Luckily for me for I found the most perfect recipe, just at the right time…

FMDW Recipe for Doodle Soup

Ingredients List

1 x NEW labradoodle (preferably well aged with silver whiskers)

3 x NEW cockapoos (cheeky, chilled out & a little cautious Carol)

And from the cupboard 1 x packet of M&Ms, 1 x box of Ruey Chop Suey Noodles, 1 x sweet Tilly pepper plus plenty of Ginger Spice (double helping)


Combine all the ingredients listed with sunny weather and countryside adventures and then add a splash of river water.  Garnish with sprats, posing pate or biscuits to serve.

And there you go, simple and sweet mood boosting MMMMM Doodle Soup!

Ok, so full disclosure, not all the NEW recruits are here for the long term. The labradoodle and one of the cockapoos are just on loan to us while their regular dog walker shields but our two other new recruits (Tally and Milly) are all being well here to stay!

* Pls note in order to operate safely and responsibly enhanced hygiene protocols are in place along with social distancing. While dog walking isn’t regulated we have some guidance from The Canine & Feline Sector Group around providing services to homes that are shielding or in quarantine. More info can be found

From left Isla, Rufus, Tilly, (newbie) Tally, (newbie) Milly & Purdey