COVID 19 Policy

Protecting our clients and stopping the spread of the virus is important to us. Our COVID 19 Policy is outline here..

COVID 19 and Pets

There have been some disturbing stories in the news around pets and COVID 19. There does not appear to be any scientific evidence to support reports that pets play a part in transmitting the virus and it is tragic to read that pets are being given up or euthanised for fear they’re contributing to the spread. If you’re concerned please seek some support from one of the many organisation that are providing advice on this matter. I’ll pop some links below. Operating in a Covid secure manner whilst ensuring the welfare of our clients dogs is maintained is our priority. We have a clear COVID 19 Policy in place to support this.

Government Guidance

Work, where you cannot reasonably work from is currently permitted. Journeys in the course of business are allowed along with those required to care for pets.

Dog Walking Handover Protocols

Robust hygiene and social distancing protocols are in place and include –

  • Pre agreed collection & drop off times
  • Use of hand sanitiser before & after collection & drop off
  • Pre agreed method of collection which ensures a two metre distance is maintained – in an outside secure area where possible
  • Face masks worn where outdoor handover is not possible
  • Forest Moor Dog Walking’s own biothane leads used
  • Pet Safe disinfectant used to clean transport and crates

Vulnerable or Shielding homes

  • Dogs to be walked individually
  • Dogs to be walked on lead
  • Vulnerable households visited first

Infected or Self Isolating homes

  • Dogs to be walked individually
  • Dogs to be walked on lead
  • Pet Safe wipes used on collection
  • Handover only in secure outdoor area
  • Infected/isolating homes to be visited last

COVID 19 Policy

We’re following advice from the government and will continue to stay up to date with guidance and any restrictions around going out to work. Dog walking is not currently regulated although advice for pet professionals is available through The Canine & Feline Sector Group.



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