Canine 1st Aid

1st aid

Canine 1st Aid training is a must for dog walkers.

Classroom based learning has been a no go this year. Canine 1st Aid training is a must for dog walkers, so in order to stay up to date I turned to online study. Ok, so you don’t actually require any qualifications to be a dog walker but Canine 1st Aid knowledge, along with understanding dog behaviour, should really be a minimum requirement (in my humble opinion). I’d heard nothing but excellent things about the training provided by Sophie Bell from Animal Love Pet First Aid. After taking one of her courses I can see why!

The Trainer

Sophie Bell has been working as a vet for more than ten years. She has a special interest in emergency and critical care and has a obvious passion for helping pet owners help their pets.

The Delivery

The online course is delivered via videos, images and slideshows. The quiz after each section means you can test your understanding. There is also a summary sheet to print off and keep.

I’ve done canine first aid courses before – Sophie’s is really thorough and delivered at a good pace.

Course Content
  • Approaching Sick and Injured Dogs
  • Performing Clinical Exam
  • Signs of Pain
  • Shock and Internal Bleeding
  • Approach to Wounds
  • Common Health Conditions
  • Bandaging
  • Toxins
  • Seizures
  • Pyometra
  • Bloat and GDV
  • Choking and CPR

There is a ‘how to’ section. How to –

  • Clip Nails
  • Clean Ears
  • Apply Eye Drops
  • Use Flea Spot On Treatments

Importantly you will also learn what to keep in your Canine First Aid Kit Bag!

I’d highly recommend taking one of Sophie’s courses if you own a dog (or work with them). They are really affordable and therefore offer great value for money. In fact, with Christmas round the corner, Animal Love Gift Vouchers would be the perfect pressie for the dog lover who has everything!