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Mondays are definitely our Funday since Belle and I started weekly agility lessons at K9Fun!

While I don’t think you’ll be seeing us at CRUFTS any time soon (and by that I mean EVER), we love it! Here’s a bit about our new hobby..


K9Fun Dog Training is based in Hopperton near Knaresborough. The training field is completely safe, secure and without any outside distractions. Theres loads of safe, off road parking and its only two minutes from Junction 47 (A1) making it easily accessible for dog owners from Harrogate, York and Wetherby.

Training Methods

At K9Fun only reward based, positive reinforcement training techniques are used. You’ll be encouraged to pack your treat bag full of tasty treats or bring your dogs favourite toys. Or both depending on what your dog finds most rewarding!

Theres lots of praise and encouragement for us dog owners too. And you’ll get the added bonus of burning a few calories trying to keep up with your dog if your dog is anything like as speedy as mine!

One to one or class based training is available in a variety of dog sports which means there is something for everyone..


Dog agility is basically a fun obstacle course for our dogs! You’ll learn to teach your dog to tackle jumps, weaves, the seesaw, A Frame and going through THE TUNNEL!

The TUNNEL – Belles favourite thing ever!


Hoopers is great for all dogs from puppies to older dogs. Theres no jumping or impact making it safe for everyone to enjoy. You’ll learn to send your dog through a series of large hoops, tunnels and around barrels – all at their own speed.


Flyball is a team dog sport. Teams of 4 dogs will race against each other down a track of 4 jumps, collect a tennis ball and run back over the jumps without dropping the ball. Fastest wins.

When you see this event at top level it looks like its an activity for only the fast and the furious!

I’ve since learned this isn’t true. Racing is split into divisions so your dog will have a place whether they’re Speedy Gonzales or Slowpoke Rodriguez!

The Trainer

Kim Gillespie owns and runs K9Fun. Kim has been in the dogs sports world for many years and competed at the very top level. In fact, this year with her dog Mouse she was part of the team that gained the title CRUFTS Flyball Champions!

Kim is the perfect trainer – patient and kind but pushes you enough that you learn and progress. Importantly for me, Kim has experience of rehoming and handling reactive, nervous dogs. This means she ‘gets it’ if you have a dog with specific needs. Everyone is made to feel welcome at K9Fun!


Learning something new in a positive environment is great for confidence building. This in turn helps build resilience in our dogs. Resilience helps our dogs cope when faced with potentially stressful situations. Working together to learn new skills will strengthen the bond with your dog – it certainly has for us! A strong bond and good communication with our dogs results in easier, more enjoyable walks and makes home life more harmonious for all.

Belle and I love our lessons, its real quality time together and it is quickly becoming the highlight of our week!

Agility Equipment at K9Fun